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Virginia Kielty's
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The Virginia Kielty s

John Kielty Was Born In 1819. According To The 1850 Census He Lived In Dist. 2, Augusta, Virginia And Was A Merchant. John?S Wifes Name Is Unknown At This Time. He Had 4 Children:

John Lawrence Kielty B. 5/30/1862 In Virginia D. January 2, 1911. John Married Elizabeth Mc Court B. February 15, 1863 born In Dundalh Ireland, Died August 18, 1938                                                                                       Alice Kielty                                                                                           James Kielty                                                                                         William Kielty

John Lawerence Kielty And Elizabeth Mc Court Kielty Had 11 Children, The 1910 Census Shows That They Had Moved To The 3rd Ward Richmond, Richmond New York With 6 Of Their Children Still Living With Them:

James Kielty Born January 2, 1888 Died February 2, 1961 James Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. He Married Marion Davis Who Died December 28, 1975, James And Marion Had No Children.                                                                                                  John Kielty Born February 12, 1889 Died December 18, 1925. John Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. He Married Nora Roach Who Died March 22, 1976.                                                             Thomas Kielty Born 1891 Died 1893                                                   William Kielty Born 1892 Died 1894                                             Thomas Kielty Born May 03, 1894 Died February 2, 1957. Thomas Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. He Married Cathrine Lymon Who Died November 17, 1973                                                      Elizabeth Kielty Born June 17, 1896 Died 1914                                       Margaret Kielty Born March 6, 1898 Died February 5, 1978. Margaret Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. She Married John Lynch Who Died September 19, 1975.                                                       Alice Kielty, Born April 27, 1900 Died January 1919. Alice Also Was In New York In 1910. She Married Tom Murphy William Kielty, Born May 2, 1902 Died January 28, 1984. William Was Also In New York In 1910. He Married Josephine F. Arden                                                                 Patrick Kielty Born 1904                                                                           Delia Kielty Born 1904

John Kielty And Nora ( Roach ) Kielty Had Two Children

                               Lillian Kielty Born August 1915                                                                                                      John Kielty Born August 1917

Thomas Kielty Married Cathrine Lymon, They Had Four Children:

                               Edward Kielty Born April 12, 1917                                                                                                   Alice Kielty Born September 11, 1922                                                                                             Margaret Kielty Born July 31, 1927                                                                                                 Thomas Kielty Born April 27, 1932

Margaret Kielty Married John Lynch, They Had Three Children

                               Frank Lynch, Born September 16, 1918                                                                                         John Lynch                                                                                                                                     Robert Lynch

Alice Kielty Married Tom Murphy They Had One Child

                               James Murphy

William Kielty Married Josephine F. Arden They Had 5 Children, They Were Divorced In March 1947. William Remarried Inez Heinz, They Had One Child. Inez Died In 1956. William Married Again To Betty Smith On August 18, 1971, They Had No Children.

Children Of Willam Kielty And Josephine Arden

James Kielty                                                                                     William Kielty                                                                                   Beatrice Kielty                                                                                 Florence Kielty                                                                                   Joseph Kielty

Child Of William Kielty And Inez Heinz

Eileen Kielty B. February 15, 1950

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