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The Kielty Clan Association Privacy Committment

Your Privacy is important and always respected, when you sign my guest book, request or provide information about genealogy, or the Kielty family, your information stays with me. I will not sell, or give information to any third party. However, please be aware that the guestbook is considered public domain, so when you sign, know that you should not include any information you consider to be private and/or not suitable for public viewing. I do reserve the right to delete entries from my guestbook that I consider unsuitable for a family friendly web site


The Kielty Clan Committment To A Family Safe Child Safe Web Environment

The Kielty Clan Association Web site complies with the C.O.P.P.A. Law -- The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. You will find nothing unsuitable for children on this web site, and I take care to link only to other sites which promote a family safe environment as well.

C.O.P.P.A Law

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