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Mass. Kieltys
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The First Record Of The Kieltys In Massachusetts Is From The U.S. Census Of 1880. This Data And History As Outlined Are The Basis For The Information On This Line Of The Kielty Clan

Daniel Kielty - Born In Ireland Was Killed During The Civil War. He Was A Member Of F-578th Mass. Inf. He Was Married To Brigid Kielty Who Was Born In Ireland In 1829. They Had 6 Children

                     Katie Kielty - 26 b. 1854 in Massachusetts                                                                     Thomas Kielty - 24 b. 1856 in Massachusetts                                                                 John D. Kielty - 21 b. - 1959 in Massachusetts                                                               Mary Kielty - 19 b. - 1861 in Massachusetts                                                                     Anne Kielty - 19 b. - 1861 in Massachusetts                                                                   Delia Kielty - 17 b. - 1863 in Massachusetts

1887 Records Show That Brigid Kielty Lived At House 63, Green With Her Son Thomas Kielty Who Was A Machinist For H.W. & Co., House 111 Green, John D. Kielty Was A Physician - Surgeon Whose Office Was At 24 Prichard, Her Daughter Delia Kielty Was Employeed As A Clerk At Nichols And Frost, Boards 111 Green.

There Is A Record In The 1880 Census Of A Cathrine Kielty Employed As A Servant To The Family Of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sherman, Cathrine Was Born In Virgina In 1855.

The 1920 Census Reflects That At That Time Delia Kielty ( Head Of Household ) Lived With Her Sister In Law, Cathrine Kielty Age, 51, B. 1868.

Patrick B Kielty - Was Born In 1840 In Ireland. His Wife Mary Kielty was Born In Ireland In 1841. They Had 4 Children

Daniel M Kielty - 15 B. 1865 In Massachusetts James F Kielty - 12 B. 1868 In Massachusetts Peter Kielty - 6 B. 1874 In Massachusetts Thomas S. Kielty - 10 B. 1870 In Massachusetts

Patrick B. Kielty Was A Painter For The Walter Heywood Chain Mgr. Co. House 192 Water. His Son Daniel M. Kielty Was A Machinist He Also Lived At House 192 Water. His Son James F. Kielty Was A Student He Also Lived At 192 Water.

Peter P Kielty, B. 1874, Son Of Patrick And Mary Kielty married Margaret ( Flynn ) Kielty B. In 1879. They Had 4 Children

John Flynn, Margarets Brother Was Living With Peter P. Kielty And Their Family At This Time. John Flynn Was Born In Ireland In 1884.

1920 Census Records Reflect A Margaret Kielty Who Was Living In Gardner, Mass. She Was At That Time Recorded As The Head Of Household She Was B. In 1879 In Ireland, Records Indicate 4 Children Living With Her At That Time.

                     Mary C Kielty - 27 B. 1902 In Massachusetts                                                                       Margaret B. Kielty - 25 B. 08/18/1904, D. 05/01/1994                                                         Bernard F. Kielty - 23 B. 1906 D. Sept 1973 Kathrine                                                       A. Kielty - 21 B. 1908 In Massachusetts

Daniel N. Kielty, Son Of Patrick And Mary Kielty, Daniel Married Cathrine ( Maiden Name Unknown At This Time ) Kielty. They Had 5 Children

                   Thomas T Kielty - 23 B. 1897 In Massachusetts                                                              Paul C. Kielty - 22 B. 1898 In Massachusetts                                                                     James Kielty - 14 B. 1906 In Massachusetts                                                                       Daniel Kielty - 10 B. 1909 In Massachusetts                                                                       Philip Kielty - 8 B. 1912 In Massachusetts

Paul C. Kielty, Son Of Daniel And Cathrine Kielty Married, Helen ( Maiden Name Unknown At This Time ) Kielty. Helen Was Born In 1898, They Had One Child As Of The 1920 Census.

                   Joycen Kielty - B. 1926 In Massachusetts

Frank T Kielty, Son Of Patrick And Mary Kielty, Shows As The Head Of Household And Living With His Brothers, Daniel F. Kielty And Philip R Kielty.

Several Other Families Are Reflected In Massachusetts On The 1920 Census That I Have Not Yet Established Ties To They Are;

Sarah Kielty - B. 1869 In Massachusetts, Living In North Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.

John Kielty - B. 1871 In Massachusetts Was Living In Boston, Suffolk, Mass. In 1920 With His Wife Delia ( Madien Name Unknown At This Time ). Delia Was Born In A1873 In Massachusetts, At The Time Of The Census They Had 4 Children At Home.

                     Alice Kielty - 22 B. 1898 In Boston, Massachusetts                                                           John Kielty - 19 B. 1901 In Boston, Massachusetts                                                       Mildred Kielty - 15 B. 1905 In Boston, Massachusetts                                                     Irene Kielty - 13 B. 1907 In Boston, Massachusetts

Additionally The Family Of Mary Kielty - B. 1860 In Ireland, Were Living In Boston, Mass. During The 1920 Census Period. Three Children Also Born In Ireland Showed Living With Her At This Time.

                   John Kielty - 30 B. 1890 In Ireland                                                                                           Julia Kielty - 28 B. 1892 In Ireland                                                                                           Margaret Kielty - 20 B. 1900 In Ireland

Lastly The 1920 Census Reflects Sarah J. Kielty, A Native Of Nova Scotia, Canada. She Is Shown Living With Gertrude Tully ( Or Tally ) Her Mother In Law In Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts


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