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The Family Of Elizabeth ( Lillian ) Kielty And William Russell Norris Sr.

The New York Line Of The Kielty Clan Had Its Roots In Several Locations, These Are Outlined In No Particular Order Other Than Availability Of Information. A Significant Part Of The New York Kielty Family Had Its Origin In Virginia. John Kielty B. In 1819, Who Lived In Augusta Virginia Was The Partriarch Of One Line Of The New York Kielty Family. John And His Wife Had 4 Children, John Lawrence Kielty, Alice Kielty, James Kielty And William Kielty.

John Lawrence Kielty Was Born On May 30, 1862 In Virignia, He Married Elizabeth Mc Court Kielty And They Had 11 Children, They Moved To New York With At Least 6 Of Their Children According To Census Records ( See The Virginia Kielty Family Tree)

John Lawerence Kielty Was B. May 30, 1862 In Virginia And Died January 2, 1911 In New York. John Married Elizabeth McCourt Who Was Born In Dundalh, Ireland February 15, 1863, Elizabeth Died August 18, 1938.

Children of John & Elizabeth

  • James Kielty Born January 2, 1888 Died February 2, 1961 James Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. He Married Marion Davis Who Died December 28, 1975, James And Marion Had No Children.
  • John Kielty Born February 12, 1889 Died December 18, 1925. John Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. He Married Nora Roach Who Died March 22, 1976.
  • Thomas Kielty Born 1891 Died 1893
  • William Kielty Born 1892 Died 1894
  • Thomas Kielty Born May 03, 1894 Died February 2, 1957. Thomas Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. He Married Cathrine Lymon Who Died November 17, 1973
  • Elizabeth Kielty Born June 17, 1896 Died 1914
  • Margaret Kielty Born March 6, 1898 Died February 5, 1978. Margaret Was One Of The Children Who Moved To New York. She Married John Lynch Who Died September 19, 1975.
  • Alice Kielty, Born April 27, 1900 Died January 1919. Alice Also Was In New York In 1910. She Married Tom Murphy
  • William Kielty, Born May 2, 1902 Died January 28, 1984. William Was Also In New York In 1910. He Married Josephine F. Arden
  • Patrick Kielty Born 1904
  • Delia Kielty Born 190
  • John L. Kielty, B. 1889 In New York Married Nora Roche, John Was The Older Brother Of Thomas Kielty B. 1894 ( Above ) They Had Two Children
  • The Family Of Nora Roche Originated In County Waterford, Ireland In Tallow. Nora?s Grandparents were Mary Cronan And James O Keeffe On Her Maternal Side. Her Parents were Patrick Roche b. 1836 d. 1893 in Tallow, Waterford, Ireland And Ellen O Keeffe b. September 14, 1856, d. July 23, 1946.

    • Elizabeth Kielty, B. 1916 In New York
    • John L. Kielty, B. 1917 In New York
  • Elizabeth Kielty ( Called Lillian) Married, William Russell Norris Sr. They Had Two Children, William Russell Norris II And Robert John Norris Sr.
  • The Grandfather Of William Russell Norris, Was Frederick Norris, b. 1852 In Lambeth, London, England. His Grandmother Was Esther Williams Myra ( Called Myra ) Hills b. December 1855 in Cosford, Groton, England. The Father Of William Russell Norris, was William James Norris,b. October 25, 1884 In West hackney, Middlesex, England. William James Died February 09, 1962. William Russell Norris? Mother Was Catherine Lyons. Catherine Was Born July 22, 1885 In Barnes, Surrey, England, She Died On December 19, 1936

    • William Russell Norris II b. July 21, 1940
    • Robert John Norris Sr. b. December 18, 1943
  • William Russell Norris II And Had 4 Children. Robin Norris, Kristin Norris, William Russell Norris III, And Kerry Norris.
  • William Russell Norris III married Adrienne Jerome. William has three step children from this Marriage, Kimberly Golden, Heather Timchak, and Michael Dubitsky.

    Kristin Norris And Her Husband Have One Child Christopher

    Robert John Norris B. 1943, Was Married To Marlene E. Cleveland And Had Two Children Robert J. Norris II. And Russell Eugene Norris. There Are Also 3 Grandchildren In This Line

    Robert J. Norris II, d. 6 June 18, 1996, Robert Has Two Sons, Scott Robert Norris b. 9/16/89, and Stephen Russell Norris b. 11/23/93. Roberts Two Sons Are Being Raised By Robert J Norris Sr. And Marlene.

    Russell E. Norris, has one son, Michael Eugene Norris b. 12/25/90

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