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Clan Dress
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           The Following Outline Is Presented To Assist Members Of Clan Kielty In The Selection Of Appropriate Dress While Representing Clan Kielty And The Dalcassian Clan And Remain Historically And Culturally Accurate To Our Irish Heritage

Clan Tartan - The Following Tartans May Be Used By Clan Kielty. This Does Not Preclude, Members Of Clan Kielty From Wearing Other Tartans Representing Other Family Connections, Institutional Memberships, Or Country, County Or Regional Affiliations.

Quinn Clan Tartan


The Quinn Tartan Can Also Be Used As A Fly Plaid In Conjunction With A Saffron Kilt. Or As A Sash In Conjunction With A Saffron Kilt.

Saffron Tartan


Color Can Range Significantly, We Will Be Selecting A Clan Kielty Color In The Near Future

Hi all,   Thought I would pass on some information received lately.

The Scottish Tartan Authority ( has managed to view the long lost, and infamous, Clans Originaux by J. Claude. The book turned out to be more of a swatch collection than a publication. The book is located at Pendleton Woolen Mills in Portland, Oregon. For years many have tried to see the book and finally the Scottish Tartan Authority was allowed. I'm sure they paid dearly to view the book. You will see at the website that only Scottish tartans were listed in the book. NO IRISH tartans were listed in the book. This disproves the theory that the Irish wore tartans by family.

The Irish traditionally wore only solid colors. Their kilts were various colors depending on their likes and what was available and the cost. I understand that saffron was more expensive than other colors. Any color can be worn be any Irish person and has nothing to do with family.

There were tartan plaids available but usually only the affluent could afford them as their cost was higher than solid colors. This also applies to the so called County tartans. They are also referred to as District tartans. The truth is that these County tartans are labeled as 'Trade' tartans and were designed by Polly Whittering who works for the House of Edgar, a Scottish Mill. These tartan designs were never approved by the individual Counties nor the Irish Government.

As it stands now I wear a saffron kilt at festivals here in California. Clan McMahon has shown an interest in blue kilts and Clan Reagan has an interest in red kilts. Whatever color you choose will be up to you and your clan. I have updated the Dalcassian website to reflect this information also. There is no wrong color!

Regards, Mike O Brien
Webmaster, The Dalcassian Clan

Historically, The Most Appropriate Head Wear Is The Irish Caubeen, This Is Adopted By The Kielty Clan As Its Official Head Wear, With Rosette, And Green Hackel


The Caubeen Is To Be A Traditional Dark Green, With Green Hackel

We Are Currently Looking At The Option Of Using A Rosette With The Dalcassian Colors. The Dalcassian Colors That Have Been Historically Verified Are Brown, Purple, Red, and Gold. I Will Be Adding More On This At A Later Date.

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